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We have two ways for you to shop for our art & books. Take a moment to browse our art here>> .


FINE ART is something that reaches deeply within us. To appreciate a seascape with all of its power and danger, based on one's own individual taste, a painting can recall a pleasurable experience or a desired one that fulfills an inner appreciation.

As an investment, Artists don't live forever; the value of a painting is not only the emotional arm that that reaches within us, but the process of supply and demand.

Finding the type of art we desire for our own emotional and intellectual needs, is most important. To have it gain value greater than most stock investments is part of understanding Art as an investment into the future. Besides our current inventory, we look for and find paintings by well known, and, better yet, currently unknown artists for individual investors. Tell us your needs and perhaps we can help you; whether your immediate need is to satisfy your own pleasure, for an investment you can truly enjoy while its value increases.



After looking at our selection of art take a moment to read up on some of our books, these books are by published authors. The books that we offer are also found on Amazon for download versions onto your Kindle and on Barnes & Noble for download onto other devises.


Or you may enjoy the old fashion way of ready a nice hardcover book! Visit our book selection here>> .