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We intend to publish books that are not only interesting to read-but have the quality to make a great movie. When we find such a property, and not all qualify, we have the ability to create the screenplay and develop actual movie budgets to get the movie made. We would produce the movie with our investor or investors. We currently have such a story in play. The screenplay and budget are intact ready for production. If you're interested in investing in the production of movies we can forward you specific information about the (story) that we have in play at this time for investment purposes.

In the area of
FINE ART, we, from time to time, are looking for investors to purchase Master works of Art. Since we are in touch with various dealers and families who own this type of art, if you have a specific interest in any particular artist or type of art, please give us information to contact you, as we may be of assistance in helping you find what you're looking for. Currently we have several available for investment purchases. Contact Us Now>>