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It is not important to note what situations have occurred in my life to understand the current force behind this concept and this foundation. We know that life is not fair. The starting gate is uneven as to opportunity and biological health and longevity and talent.

Society over time, has evolved in a manner that further separates those who have with those that have not. Yet most would accept their circumstances; the family they have been born into and the specific vagaries and eccentricities that surround their existence if they felt they would at least have the opportunity to do better...to move forward in a positive manner...to be able to reach out and compete.

But to escape those daily problems that confront them; the broken family, the alcoholic and drug user parent, that makes daily survival in its self a dangerous adventure, is difficult at best and in more cases a vicious circle that engulfs one and leads to an existence that is far from that which is desired.

It is important here only to note that we do not intend to change this world. We hope only to provide as many as we can who have been disadvantaged by situations they cannot control and who have gifts, that if developed, will offer a positive growth in society.

To make this foundation work effectively, there will be great dependence on teachers on the lower level of grade school to look at the children, before her or him, and note their gifts and their particular circumstances.

If we can identify those who came from broken homes or are raised by parents who are uncaring and show no interest in their children, or those who grow up in foundling homes and have no family at all, and can offer them an incentive to thrust ahead to a brighter future regardless of this darkness that's surrounding them, then we will have done a great deal to utilize undetected talent and give them an opportunity to grow.

Education is the best route to improve one's circumstance for the better. Jesus himself said: The poor will always be with you. Yet he brought Lazarus back to life. He chose someone to benefit from his gifts.

It is always a choice. Who does one save in a dangerous situation? Who does one help?

I believe our approach will lead to "awareness" and awareness makes individuals wiser and more productive. And those who we do help, we hope will create a better world in their own respective way. Can we ask for more? I don't think so. Only time will tell. We must move forward with wisdom and sincerity and must try to be fair and transparent so no outside source can attack our efforts for their own purposes that would not conform to our concept.

We are not interested in "societies " debt to a person born in the past. It is indefensible and creates a negative space to function in. Today's problems caused by neglect to our children that keep down talented children to grow to their full potential, is what we care about. Today and Tomorrow. Yesterday is gone into history. It has been paid for by the blood of many. Let us help develop our Country's most natural talent.

We have selected certain teachers who we have decided have the same desires in developing a child to his or her full capabilities whose assignment is to select a pupil or pupils under guidelines that have been given. This would begin within the first six grades of education. Upon selection and acceptance by EFD they would be notified of their acceptance into the plan. He or she would be monitored throughout all of the school years, maintain acceptable grades, not have any trouble with the law in any fashion. Upon completion of their high school years, we (EFD) would pay their entire college expenses for four years in their chosen endeavor. More years for medical students (who qualify) for the additional years.

We sincerely feel we will develop excellent citizens who will move the country forward with the proper attitude. They will owe one year of service to EFD to promote the program of goodwill to humanity.

Should you wish to donate, please make out (checks only) to: Educational Foundation For the Disadvantaged, in care of Windset Books Inc. Thank you. Receipt for tax purposes will follow.